The Modula-3 Systems Journal

We are pleased to bring you Threads: the Modula-3 Systems Journal. By publishing Threads we hope to establish a forum for discussion about Modula-3 and about what various industrial and academic organizations are doing with Modula-3. The articles are intended to be accessible to both currently active and potential Modula-3 users. We hope to invite those who now use other programming languages give Modula-3 a try, too.

Issue 1
Fall 1995
    Issue 2
Fall 1996
    Issue 3
Fall 1997

Production and distribution of Threads was sponsored by Critical Mass, Inc. As Critical Mass is no longer in business, there have been no further releases of Threads.

Please note that the latest release of the Modula-3 compiler developed by Critical Mass, cm3, is now available as open source from this web site or from the server of elego Software Solutions GmbH, Berlin, Germany, who are currently coordinating the open source cm3 release.

If anybody is interested in working on further releases of the newsletter, we would definitely like to hear from her/him. Please contact the current maintainer of the cm3 distribution at