Language Definition  The on-line definition of the Modula-3 language at elego/cm3.
FAQ  Where to find the answers for Frequently Asked Questions.
Bibliography   The mega bibliography of just about everything that has been written about Modula-3.
Concise Bibliography  A less verbose version of the mega bibliography.
Threads Newsletter  A newsletter put out yearly that is devoted entirely to Modula-3 related activities. (Historical issues)
Modula-3 Mailing Lists  Discussions, announcements, and CVS commit messages concerning Modula-3 development.
Hot Links
Alas, the Modula-3 Home Page  The Modula-3 Home Page that started it all. is not available any more.
The only remaining reference to the Digital Equipment Corporation at seems to be this long read on the rise and fall of Digital Equipment Corporation. It covers everything from VAX, Altavista, DEC's sale to Compaq and ultimate demise.
SPIN Home Page  The SPIN microkernel operating system home page. An entire operating system written in Modula-3.
Critical Mass  The home page for the company that sold a commercial Modula-3 compiler, an embeddable Java virtual machine run-time library, and a distributed multi-platform application development system. Critical Mass Incorporated has been out-of-business for several years; some of their work is continued by a new company called IGEN Corporation. All the Modula-3 work if theirs is continued in the open source CM3 distribution, coordinated by elego Software Solutions GmbH, Berlin, Germany.
Polytechnique Montréal Modula-3 Home Page  Go figure. It's the home page for the Polytechnique Modula-3 compiler and libraries (now also at elego).
Persistent Modula-3  Orthogonal object persistence and transactions. Check it out. Recently (early 2003), the persistence code has been incorporated into the PM3 code distribution.  The Modula-3 Resource Page. A good starting point if you want to find everything about Modula-3.
References and Tutorials
Tutorials, books, and articles  A concise list of essential Modula-3 references organized by topic.


Last Updated: July 20, 2003