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This page contains announcements and news items that are actually not that new that they are located on the first page.


2003-03-27 CM3 5.2.4

CM3 5.2.4 has been released. This is a maintenance release with several bug fixes and small extensions. Have a look at the RELNOTES_5_2_4 for details.

2003-02-11 CM3 5.2.0 / Modula-3 for Darwin and MacOS X

CM3 5.2.0 has been released. It features a new code generation back-end based on gcc 3.2.1 and support for the new target platform PPC_DARWIN (Darwin, MacOS X on PowerPC). This release is made to make support for the new target platform available for everybody. See RELNOTES_5_2_0 for details.

2003-01-23 Selective package download for CM3 and PM3

Elego Software Solutions have extended their WWW services for Modula-3 by a new package download option: you can checkout packages from the CVS repositories or just get the RCS version files themselves and receive them as compressed tar or zip archive.
Direct links:


2002-11-27 EZM3 1.0: An Easier Modula-3 Distribution

This is not really new, but the link was still missing on this page due to my oversight. EZM3 is a stripped down PM3 distribution without support for shared libraries, advanced garbage collection, and win32 platforms, but easily available on several Unix platforms. It contains just enough to build CVSup.

2002-07-15 PM3 1.1.15 RPM archives at

The RPM installation archives of PM3 1.1.15 can now be found at the link above, thanks to Edward Ratzer.

2002-07-14 Modula-3 FAQ and PM3

As Michel Dagenais' server at has been unreachable for several weeks, I've changed the links to the Modula-3 FAQ and some others to point to, where the PM3 repository is now kept, too. I still haven't got the compiled distribution archives of the latest PM3 release though. If I don't get them from his server, we'll have to rebuild them on one of our machines... Anybody who would like to do that is encouraged to contact me at All the info in pm3/intro/src needs to be updated, too.

2002-07-14 Modula-3 @ elego

In March 2002 the CVS repository of the PM3 distribution of Modula-3 has been moved to, as will terminate its services at the end of August 2002. elego Software Solutions is now hosting both the CM3 and PM3 repositories and offers free access (CVS over SSH) for everybody interested in working on the distributions.


2001-11-11 PVM library for Modula-3

There's ongoing work on a PVM library for Modula-3 recently announce by Daniel Solaz, who is also working on new database and window system bindings.

CM3 CVSup and CVS access

is now available from the server of elego Software Solutions.

Critical Mass Modula-3 5.1 has been released.

This is the first open source release of the last version of the Modula-3 compiler, runtime, and development system that has been developed at Critical Mass. All sources are now available under the free DEC SRC-style copyright. See CM3 5.1 for details.

Updated Modula-3 binding to GTK Version 0.1.1

This is more fleshed out version by Solbodan Tomic that builds upon Olly Stephens previous release. GTK stands for The GIMP Toolkit, and is a Free GUI Toolkit.

Persistent Modula-3 (pm3) version is released!

It supports orthogonal object persistence and transactions. Notice, the 0.x.y naming convention. It works with Polytechnique Modula-3 version 1.1.13. Find out more about the Persistent Modula-3 project headed by Dr. Tony Hosking.
New in this release:

Blowfish Implementation

Blowfish is an encryption algorithm designed by Bruce Schneier that is unpatented and royalty free.

PM3-1.1.13 Released   (download)

Polytechnique Modula-3 (better known as PM3) is the most up-to-date freeware implementation of the Modula-3 language, libraries, and runtime environment.

This release has updated support for FreeBSD2, new support for FreeBSD3 and FBSD_ALPHA, and the LINUXLIBC6 platform supports both glibc 2.0 and 2.1 so it works great under Red Hat 5.2 and 6.0!

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