binIO - Binary Input/Output


BinIO is meant to be used for reading and writing binary data. In order for binary data to be "portable", fixed-sized datatypes are represented in the interface, with the ability to read and write them out in different endian formats. Currently only integer types are available in this first cut. Eventually floating point types, and arrays of various types should be added.

I would very much like feedback on the interface layout, what should/shouldn't be included, as well as pointers to possible bugs in the implementation as I can't test on a 64 bit machine.



This is the simple Binary Input/Output Interface.


This is the simple Binary Input/Output Implementation, which is mostly a pass-thru to the FastBinIO stuff.


This is the raw interface for Binary Input and Output. It requires you to LOCK readers and writers and flush writers when done with them. It also passes through all exceptions that you'd probably want to catch.


This is where the guts of the functionality lives. If you like looking at implementation details, this is the file to look at.


Lame test program.


I think we know what this is.


All files tarred and then gzipped.

All files zipped.


Last Updated: July 23, 1998