Submitting Banners

From your local browser, press the Browse... button to choose the file you wish to upload or type in the full pathname to the file manually in the input box provided. Then click on the Submit Image File button and if there isn't a duplicate file your submission should have gone through successfully. To see a listing of existing entries go to NOTE: You will not be able to view the images. Only a listing will be available for security reasons.

For fastest turnaround, send me email and I'll place your images on this page as quickly as I can. Feel free to send in a short description about each graphic; something about the hidden meanings, or anything you feel is appropriate.

If you have any problems with the submission method, I will gladly accept a URL to where you've placed your submission. In the worst case you can send the file as an attachment to me, but please contact me first so we can agree on the encoding.

Button Sized Banners

Powered By Modula-3 Olly Stephens finesse's his battery theme.
Just look at the beautiful 3-D effect, and the rich colors. Believe it not, this image that speaks words with its simplicity, also has one of the smallest footprints.
It is also the winner the 1998 banner contest.
Powered By Modula-3 Wow, still another submission from Olly Stephens
This banner is simple yet has all the information you need; sports a transparent background to go with any other color but black; and it weighs in at only 302 Bytes!
Built Solid With M3 Submitted by Daren Scot Wilson
Now this banner makes it clear that you're building on a solid foundation when you use Modula-3. It makes me want to say, "If you build it, it will run."
M3 Used Here Submitted by Ernesto Rico-Schmidt
Simple and direct; this banner conveys all the information you need in an appealingly compact format.
Ernesto: "The file was created with The GIMP. It is very simple, like programming with Modula-3."
Make With M3 Submitted by Seth Nickell
You can almost feel the energy eminating from this image. It compels you to "make" all your software with Modula-3, but those in-the-know will still "build" things  :-).
Powered By Modula-3 Submitted by Olly Stephens
A very nice logo. It has a pleasing background that allows it to look good on any color page, and I'll bet especially looks great atop darker colors.
Powered By Modula-3 Another submission by Olly Stephens
Now this is definitely an ingenious graphic. I almost didn't recognize the theme at first, but then I only use what the pink rabbit lets me  ;-).

Any Sized Banners

Powered By Modula-3 Olly Stephens goes large!
This is clearly meant to be the splash banner for the front pages of Modula-3 devoted sites. It certainly has a big effect.
Built Solid with Modula-3 Daren Scot Wilson unleashed!
The unsquashed version of Daren's banner, where you get the full 3-D effects of shading and perspective.


Last Updated: September 7, 1998